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Steam cooking

Steaming is a simple and genuine way to prepare different dishes: from meat to vegetables everything can be cooked by steaming. When preparing food in a steamer (whether it is electric, baked, the simple basket in the pot or that of bamboo) take care that the water inserted that never comes into contact with food and remember that the size of the food varies the cooking times; It is important that food is cut evenly to have the same cooking times and that it is not too "packed" to allow steam to circulate effectively. The lid must be tightly closed and must never be lifted during cooking.

Here are some steaming cooking times:


spinach 3 minutes

peas 3 - 4 minutes

cauliflower florets / broccoli 5 - 7 minutes

Carrot rounds 7 minutes

potatoes from 7 to 20 minutes (depends on the size)

Asparagus 7-12 minutes (keep upright because the tips cook faster than the stems)

green beans 6 - 10 minutes

brussels sprouts 8 -15 minutes

sliced fennel 8-10 minutes

zucchini sliced 5-8 minutes - whole 9-13 minutes

Tender meat in thin slices of about 300 gr (Exclude large cuts):

chicken breast or turkey: 10 minutes

pork fillet 16 minutes

Fish: again, it depends on the size. Generalizing we could indicate about 25 minutes for a whole fish from half a kilo and 8-10 minutes for fillets of about 150 gr.

Mussels: 15 minutes

Shrimp shelled 10 minutes, with carapace 15 minutes

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